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Last call for love, Maggie Marr

Last call for love, Maggie Marr
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Last call for love
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Maggie Marr
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Eligible billionaires, bk. 4
A self-made billionaire, Ryan Murphy's ability to love ended with the death of his fiance. Unable to work in the company he built with his soon-to-be wife by his side, he sold Metro Media and bought Mesquale. A five-star resort in the middle of the Pacific, with a host of problems that Ryan intends to go undercover to find and fix.Charla Duvall ran from an unhappy relationship and landed at Mesquale. Working among the elite of the world proves to her, (again) that the wealthy aren't to be trusted. Didn't she learn that lesson when her ex-boyfriend's father attempted to have sex with her in his limo? She's falling for a guy she believes is like her. Unlike all the self-indulgent rich people at Mesquale, Ryan understands what it's like to struggle.Blaming himself for the death of his fiance, Ryan is certain he is unable to love again. Now he's embroiled in a relationship with an employee who doesn't know she's his employee. Charla is completely different than the woman Ryan was meant to marry, and yet, Ryan may be doing the one thing he thought he'd never be able to do. Ryan Murphy is falling in love with Charla Duvall
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