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Every lie I've ever told, Rosie Waterland

Every lie I've ever told, Rosie Waterland
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non fiction
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Every lie I've ever told
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Rosie Waterland
'I'm okay!' The bestselling author of The Anti-Cool Girl returns with a devastating, heartbreaking, brilliant, brave and laugh-out-loud funny memoir of telling lies and being on the brink... 'I had made it! All my dreams had come true. I had an operating fridge, I was doing brilliantly, and I had written the memoir to prove it. I even had online haters. I had conquered life at 30 and nothing was ever going to go wrong again!' It was all going so well for Rosie Waterland. Until it wasn't. Until, shockingly, something awful happened and Rosie went into agonizing free fall. Until late one evening, she found herself in a hospital emergency bed, trembling and hooked to a drip. Over the course of that long, painful night, she kept thinking about how ironic it was, that right in the middle of writing a book about lies, she'd ended up telling the most significant lie of all. A raw, beautiful, sad, shocking, and very, very funny, memoir of all the lies we tell others and the lies we tell ourselves
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